New NFT Collections Hedz and RENGA Enter Top Charts This Week

Launched recently and with no millionaire investments to support, two new collections have been attracting attention in the rankings of the top 10 greatest collections of NFTs of the last week. They are RENGA by DirtyRobot and Hedz by Matt Furie, both of which have already reached millions of dollars in sales volumes.

  • RENGA and Hedz are debut collections in the top 10 NFT projects of the DappRadar ranking;
  • They’ve seen their volume double in size over this last week;
  • The projects are currently on par with blue-chip collections like Bored Apes, Azuki, CryptoPunks, and Art Blocks.
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RENGA unites storytelling and NFTs

The handcrafted collection of 10,000 characters RENGA was created by the famous NFT artist DirtyRobot. The project’s vision places its community in its foundation, allowing people to grow their NFT experience through the art of storytelling.

Each RENGA NFT character has its own personal story, with more of their identities to be discovered within wider stories of the RENGA ecosystem.

The project has reached the second position of the DappRadar NFT Collections ranking, with a sales volume of over $6 million in the past week.

While its utility is still to be proven, the project already shows to have plenty of potential and narratives to be developed by the community.

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Hedz brings Matt Furie back to the NFT space

A famous artist also signs another new collection that’s hitting the charts this week in NFT space. Matt Furie, also known for illustrating the legendary and world-famous Pepe The Frog meme, officially enters the NFT landscape with a collection of his own.

Over the past 24 hours, Hedz recorded a volume of $1,14 million in sales. The current floor price for an NFT of this new collection is 1.85 ETH, or about $2,369.07. 

With close to 370 transactions in the past 24 hours, Hedz NFTs sold for an average price of about $3,000.

A major turning point for the artist who, as his Netflix documentary shows, has gone into an uphill battle to regain ownership of his own iconic cartoon image.

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